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Another Refugee Center to be Closed in Hungary


The government has closed down the refugee reception center in Nagyfa, near the southern border, as requested earlier by nearby local governments, the mayor of neighboring Algyő said. Áron Molnár noted that in early March, the municipalities of Algyő, Hódmezővásárhely, Makó and Maroslele submitted a joint request to the interior minister and to government office chief János Lázár to have the camp closed down.
The matter became urgent after two incidents of young men from the camp had harassed young women on the local bus, Molnár said. He said Interior Minister Sándor Pintér had recently informed the Algyő local government that the camp had been closed down. In his letter, Pintér said that the government was continuously monitoring the migrant situation on the Hungarian-Romanian border and would order the construction of a fence there if it became necessary. Molnár expressed hope that Nagyfa would not see any migrant arrivals in the future.
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