Orbán in Italy: Christian Democratic State Has Been Built in Hungary

Hungary has in recent years postulated a political and state model: it has constructed a Christian democratic state, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said at a meeting of the national-conservative Brothers of Italy (FdI) party in Rome on Saturday. This model works and is successful, Orbán said. The political success is obvious: Hungary’s …

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Peopleʼs Party suspends Fidesz with immediate effect

Hungaryʼs governing populist party Fidesz has been suspended by the centre-right European Peopleʼs Party (EPP), the biggest political grouping in the European Parliament, after a vote triggered by what many member parties see as Fideszʼs defiance of EU policies and EPP values, according to breaking reports Wednesday evening. In an …

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Hungary at Ambassadorial-level ties with Netherlands

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó held an extraordinary press conference this morning at which he announced that he has summoned Hungaryʼs ambassador to the Netherlands home for consultations after Dutch Ambassador to Hungary Gajus Scheltema voiced strong criticisms of the Hungarian government in a newspaper interview. As …

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Hungary’s ’Happiness index’ still low but improving

A conservative economist finds it telling that ‘Happiness indexes’ in the Visegrád 4 countries are rising while they are falling in Western Europe. She warns however that Hungary’s index is still significantly below the European average. In Magyar Idők, Magdolna Csath, a conservative professor of economics remarks that the World Happiness Report edited by three renowned economists (an …

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