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Germans Moving to Hungary; Due to fear of Migrants

More and more Germans are moving to the Lake Balaton area in Hungary due to their dissatisfaction with the German government’s asylum policy and a fear of migrants, German public service broadcaster Bayerische Rundfunk (BR) said. BR quoted several real estate agents from around the Balaton area as saying that they have noticed a surge in German clients since last September.

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One agent said eight out of ten Germans tend to “emigrate” to Hungary out of fear of refugees in Germany. German clients generally appreciate the good weather and low costs near Lake Balaton as well as the presence of a relatively large German community, the agents were quoted as saying.

But recently they have also begun taking into account the fact that the overwhelming majority of Hungarians are Christians and that “there are hardly any migrants” in the country.

The report, however, criticized Hungary’s migration policy saying that last September “thousands of refugees were stranded in the capital in inhumane living conditions”

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Source: www.hungarymatters.hu

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