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Hungary in Pictures – Indian Summer

During the past week, the weather in Hungary was unseasonably warm, which made people – tourists and Budapest citizens alike – go on a hike, or stroll around the capital last weekend and yesterday, enjoying their day off on the national holiday, commemorating the 1956 Revolution. Now that a drop in temperatures is expected, we have collected our favorite Instagram photos from our followers reminiscing about the beautiful warm weather with the breathtaking autumn leaves from the most popular hiking places, such as Normafa, Gellért Hill, and the Citadella, to family programs, like visiting Margaret Island, the Zoo, or the Botanical Gardens in Budapest. 

In the next edition in the series, we are again exploring beautiful parts of Hungary. Don’t forget to use #hungarytoday on Instagram to boost your chances of making it in next week’s compilation!

featured photo: Instagram (Sándor Fodor @fodorsandor_official)

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