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Hungary To Host 2024 World Short Course Swimming Championships

Hungary has been awarded the right to host the 2024 World Short Course Swimming Championships in the capital Budapest, the International Swimming Federation FINA decided yesterday during the 17th World Aquatics Championships, according to reports.

The agreement was signed by Minister of Human Capacities Zoltán Balog, according to official government website kormany.hu.

After the announcement, Balog highlighted the fact that the investment that the government and the City of Budapest had made in aquatic sports was seeing a return, particularly in view of the fact that the “pearl” that is the Danube Arena was not constructed for a one-off occasion, kormany.hu reported.

FINA Vice President Tamás Gyárfás had previously indicated that he would resign from his post if Hungary was not named for either the 2022 or the 2024 event. The right to host the 2022 World Short Course Swimming Championships was awarded to Kazan, Russia, at the same time Hungary was given the 2024 championships. After the announcement, Gyárfás said simply: “I’m staying”.

At the signing, executive director of FINA Cornel Marculescu praised the current World Championships in Budapest, saying that the venues are beautiful and the fans, who are regularly filling every grandstand, are fantastic, kormany.hu reported.

“This is a success for Hungary and the Hungarian people; a success for those who have endured the problems associated with hosting such a major event,” said the president of the Hungarian Swimming Association Gusztáv Bienerth, according to kormany.hu. “We have successfully taken advantage of the fact that the heads of the swimming world are here in Hungary, this opportune moment.”

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