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Hungary’s Tobacco Market Lights Up

The Hungarian tobacco market has been lit up and most probably will break the annual record of traffic, Hungarian daily Világgazdaság reported based on data made public by national tobacco distribution firm Nemzeti Dohánykereskedelmi (ND) Nonprofit Zrt.

Retail traffic of tobacco products in June exceeded HUF 56.6 billion, which boosted second quarter sales to HUF 160 bln, with first half sales almost reaching HUF 280 bln. Annual tobacco traffic has been breaking records recently. The HUF 535 bln record of 2014 was beaten by 2015’s HUF 561 bln and last year’s HUF 586 bln.

As the festival season kicked off, as usual, tobacco sales saw a spike. Still, as the prices of tobacco products were elevated by new income tax rules as of January 1, the volume of growth appears fair, Világgazdaság reported.

Some 16,000 Hungarians light up a cigarette every minute, statistically of course; in June, Hungarians smoked more than 693 million cigarettes. Additionally, 471 tons of tobacco and 45 million mini cigars were lit during the last month, the paper added.

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