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Men Earn 20% More than women in Hungary

According to data gathered from 13 European countries by international salary portal paylab.com to mark International Wonemʼs Day on March 8, the salary conditions of women are still below those of men. Paylab recommends women step up for their rights when negotiating their salaries.

A comparison of salaries of the best paid women and their male counterparts shows that, on average, the salaries of these women only reach 78% of the average salary of the highest earning men.

To a large extent, this is due to the fact that women much more frequently occupy managerial positions in the less progressive branches of industry, such as administration and specialist non-technical work, paylab.com says in a press release sent to Budapest Business Journal.

A closer look at  the average gross salaries reveal the gender gap: in Budapest, the average well-paid male employee can expect HUF 417,000, whereas for women it is HUF 330,000 for women; outside the capital the figures are HUF 309,000 for men and HUF 250,000 for women.

Paylab.com found the most significant sex-based salary differences in Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Slovakia, where the average wage difference is 28-30% in favor of men. In contrast, Croatia and Slovenia are the countries with the smallest difference of 10-11% on average. (Slovenia has the highest percentage of women in the top earning category, but at just 8%.)

In this comparison, Hungary is closer to the first group, with a 26.4% wage gap in Budapest and 23.6% outside the capital.

Regarding the number of women who belong to the low income group, their share is highest in Slovakia (18%), Czech Republic (16%),  Bulgaria (16%) and Finland (16%). Hungary has a share of 15%.

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