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Possession of illegal cigarettes an offense, warns NAV

Hungaryʼs National Tax and Customs Administration (NAV) warned that possession of untaxed cigarettes or other tobacco products is a punishable offense in a statement issued on Wednesday, as reported by online news portal index.hu.

NAV noted that persons found to be in possession of illegal tobacco products can expect to pay a fine of at least HUF 30,000 in addition to having the illegal products seized.

NAV issued the statement after seizing some 3,200 cartons of illegal cigarettes and 12 kg of tobacco in a raid on a telephone shop in central Budapest.

NAV emphasized that tobacco products may only be sold legally in Hungary in a licensed National Tobacco Shop (Nemzeti Dohánybolt). Those selling untaxed tobacco without a license may be liable to fines of at least HUF 5 million.

NAV seized more than 21 million illegal cigarettes with a value of more than HUF 1 billion in January-July.

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