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A Society against Immigration, is a Society against non-natives

Hungary to vote on controversial EU refugee quota Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the due day; the October 2nd.
The government spent millions of Forints for the anti immigration campaign to convince people that the migration to Hungary is Bad; in general, and Immigrants are dangerous.
The whole idea about this campaign is to prove to Bruxelles that not only the government does not want the immigrants and the refugees, but also the Hungarians do not want them.
It comes to force when a vast majority of people vote NO tomorrow, which we estimate that happen.

What must be pointed out here is that, for a normal citizen of Hungary,an illegal refugee is a someone who has a darker skin whom does not speak Hungarian ( like a Hungarian at least).
And it gets dangerous when every darker skin person In Hungary will be looked down at, judged and pointed at.

How isolated a country should become while we are living in an International village in this world?
And how come a government does not understand the hatred danger that with such a mass anti advertisements against refugees, it is actually having the citizens intolerant against immigrant and expats residing in Hungary legally ?


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