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Hungarian Flag at Half-mast to Mark Crushing of 1956 Uprising

The Hungarian flag was hoisted in front of Parliament and lowered to half-mast on Monday morning, to commemorate the 63rd anniversary of Soviet forces crushing the 1956 uprising. Defence Minister Tibor Benkő attended the ceremony. Throughout the day, the public can light candles at the House of Terror museum and visit plot 301 …

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Hungary to Receive Files of WW2 Prisoners Held in Soviet Camps

According to an agreement reachedwithin the Russian-Hungarian Joint Archives Committee, Hungary will receive the identification documents of some 600,000 Hungarian prisoners of war, who had been held in Soviet camps during and after the Second World War, said Andrei Yurasov, Deputy Head of the Federal Archival Agency of Russia (Rosarchiv), and …

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Hungarian origin – where was the ancient homeland of Magyars?

According to the latest anthropological research, the ancient Hungarians’ homeland can be found in the Eastern-European Plains and the Asian steppes towards Bajkál lake.  According to 24.hu, there is no doubt about the Finno-Ugrian linguistic relationship, but it does not necessarily mean that the ethnical origin of ancient Hungarians is also …

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