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Coronavirus – Number of Cases in Hungary Rises to 16

Hungary’s government information website koronavirus.gov.hu on Thursday confirmed another three cases of the new coronavirus, bringing the number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the country to 16.

Two of the new virus cases are Hungarian citizens and the third an Iranian national, the website said.

One of the Hungarians is a woman who had been in isolation at Budapest’s St. János Hospital for days and the other a man who had recently returned from Israel. The Iranian patient was a contact of the first Iranian student to test positive last week.

In line with the protocol issued by the National Chief Medical Officer, investigation into their prior whereabouts and personal contacts over the past two weeks will start immediately.

Of the 16 people diagnosed with Covid-19 in Hungary so far, nine are Iranian citizens, six Hungarians and one is British.

The number of people in quarantine has decreased from 69 to 65 while the health authority has done tests on 730 samples, the website said.

featured image: illustration via Pixabay

Source : hungarytoday.hu

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