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Fidesz still growing in electoral support

Fidesz has further improved its positions among all voters in Hungary in November, while the rate of undecided has not changed since July, a poll by Závecz Research shows.
Apart from Fidesz, now at 31%, the only party that has grown since July, however slightly, is the Democratic Coalition (DK), from 5% to 6% among all voters. Jobbik is still the second strongest political group, but has slipped from 12% to 10%; the Socialists (MSZP) lost 1%, and now stand at 8%.

If elections were held today, LMP would barely make it into the Parliament, standing now at 5%. The rest of the parties are below 2% in electoral support. More than one third, 34%, did not indicate any party preference, online portal hvg.hu reports.

The Fidesz lead is even more significant among committed voters, now standing at 49%, further rising from July. The poll measured 18% support for Jobbik, 12% for the Socialists, 10% for DK and a somewhat better, 6% support for LMP among committed voters. The others are below 2%.

The Závecz poll was conducted over the period November 6-14, on a sample of 1,000 people representing the populace of the country aged 18 and over.

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