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First Hungarian films posted on Youtube

It is always interesting to peak into the daily lives of people who lived over 100 years go through old photos. However, it is even more interesting to see film footage of bygone eras. As reported by femina.hu, in the Dutch EYE Filmmuseum, archivists found footage from the 1920s that captured life in Hungary. The film was created by Dutchman Elif Rongen and premiered during the 3rd Budapest Classical Film Marathon in 1927, which was held at the Budapest French Institute. The film was created during the 1920s, and filming locations include Mezőkövesd, the Great Hungarian Plain and Budapest. The video also has footage from Transylvania, indicating that some of the filming took place prior to the 1920 Treaty of Trianon.  The frames showcase both Hungarian art and folk costumes. The footage is also in colour – the frames were coloured during the production stage, giving an even more realistic insight into the lives of Hungarians living in the past century.   The 1927 release date suggests that all filming took place before this. Here are two other historic films, one created in 1927, while the other was produced between 1913 and 1929 in Hungary. These films are extremely important as they demonstrate what life was like in Hungary between the two World Wars.     The Guardian ranked the Hungarian film Son of Saul as the 12th best film of the 21st century. We also wrote about the Hungarian who conquered Hollywood.

Sources : femina.hu & dailynewshungary.com

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