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Hungarian driver broke the speeding record in Croatia

He was caught in Ploče, near Dubrovnik, heading to Split with 216 km/h. The Croatian police said that the 43-year-old driver broke the Croatian speeding record of the week with that incredible speed. Otherwise, the allowed speed limit was 130 km/h. The police fined him 5 thousand kunas (almost 700 EUR) and banned him from driving in Croatia for one month, hvg reported. The car was a McLaren 720 S, and interestingly, it happened for the first time this year that somebody even registered such a car in Hungary. Its terminal velocity is 328 km/h, which is not surprising when taking into consideration how the engine working in it delivers 570 HP. As we reported before, a BMW speeding at 150 km/h crashed into a Hungarian family’s car at a toll gate on the Croatian highway in July. The family was parked according to regulations when the driver of the BMW ran into them. The 35-year-old driver of the BMW with a Croatian license plate was

speeding at 150 km/h with the cruise control on and was on the phone at the moment of the impact. Due to the crash, the family’s car was jolted against the concrete roadblock, then to the kiosk at the toll gate, after which it spun around its axis, crashed into another kiosk and then into another parked car (with Hungarian license plate as well). There was a family of three in the car into which the BMW crashed: two parents and an eight-year-old boy. It took 20 minutes for the firemen to get the family out of the wreck: first, they had to lift the parents out of the car, as they could only get to the child this way. Fortunately, none of them suffered permanent physical injuries.

Source : dailynewshungary.com

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