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Hungarian Universities Among The World’s Best In 2016

Six Hungarian institutions of higher education have been featured on this year’s World University Rankings, which lists the 1000 best universities from across the globe.

As expected, universities located in the United States and the United Kingdom feature in the first ten positions of the ranking. Experts compiling the list named Harvard the world’s best university in 2016, followed by Stanford and the MIT. From the UK, Cambridge and Oxford earned fourth and fifth place respectively, ahead of Columbia (6.), the University of California, Berkeley (7.), the University of Chicago (8.), Princeton University (9.) and Yale University (10.). The University of Tokyo in Japan, which came 13rd on the list, was named the best university outside the English-speaking world.

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This year’s list also includes six universities from Hungary, albeit in more modest positions down the 1000-item list. Among Hungarian institutions, Eötvös Loránd University of Budapest came first in 488th place, followed by the Semmelweis University of Medicine, also in the capital (631.), the University of Debrecen (661.), the University of Szeged (708.), the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (850.) and the University of Pécs (877.).

Studying in Hungary is increasingly popular among foreign students, with recently published EU statistics showing a marked increase in the number of Erasmus students coming to spend a semester at a university in the country.

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