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Hungarians Still Like Watching TV

bbj.hu reports:
Apparently Hungarians are still fond of consuming their media through television, as the number of subscriptions grew by 13.5% compared to the preceding year, to 3.661 million in 2016, the Central Statistical Office (KSH) reported in preliminary data.

Hungarians took out 1.246 million subscriptions for single-play packages (for television services only), while dual-play packages (combining television services with landline phone or internet services) accounted for 267,000 and 376,000 subscriptions, respectively, according to KSH data. The third big group, triple-play services, was chosen by 1.772 million subscribers, which constitutes a 15.9% rise in 2016, compared to the preceding year.

KSH data reveal that 26% of total subscriptions were for analog and 74% for digital services.

Some 1.218 million subscriptions used broadcast transmission and the remaining 2.443 million subscriptions used wire transmission. Of the latter, 84.4% preferred cable services, while 15.6% opted for internet protocol television (IPTV) services, according to KSH data.

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