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Hungary to be Fined 500 Million Euros

Brussels Threatens To Fine Hungary €500M Over Reluctance To Relocate 2000 Migrants.
250,000 Euros Per Migrant.

The European Commission (EC) has proposed a new system for enforcing resettlement of migrants among EU member states, politico.eu reported. The measure would set a price of €250,000 per migrant for countries that want to avoid mandatory quotas for the relocation of immigrants. If the proposal is passed, the new ruling could cost Hungary EUR 500 million so that it would not have to fulfil its quota and receive 2 000 refugees. At the same time, Poland would need to pay around €1.5 billion to avoid its existing 6,200 quota to relocate migrants.

The Draconian measure, which needs to be approved by EU countries, comes as part of a group of legislative proposals by EC to reform the so-called Dublin system of EU asylum rules that includes a “fairness mechanism” under which each of the 28 states would be assigned a percentage quota of all asylum-seekers in the bloc that it would be expected to handle. “There is no a la carte solidarity in this Union,” EC First Vice President Frans Timmermans (picture above) told Reuters, adding that “this is a way to be able to show solidarity in a situation where … you are not able to take the refugees which were allocated to you.”

Meanwhile Hungary’s Supreme Court gave the go-ahead to the Hungarian government’s initiative on holding a popular referendum concerning the European Union’s planned mandatory refugee quota system. The referendum, critized harshly both by Brussels and Hungarian opposition parties, may be held foreseeably in September or in the first few days of October, the exact day will be set by President János Áder. Antal Rogán, Minister heading PM Viktor Orbán’s Cabinet Office , said the referendum must be held because „increasingly crazy ideas are being conceived” in Brussels.

Via http hungarytoday.hu , politico.eu, Reuters and MTI

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