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Life-sized Lego Bugatti is the newest sensation in Budapest – Photo

The Chiron-prototyped Bugatti made out of Legos has arrived in the Hungarian capital. This unique life-sized Lego car is the only one in the world which runs with electricity and not gasoline.  According to hvg.hu, Lego and Bugatti revealed their incredible creation built out of small elements in Paris last year, which is exactly as big as the real car. The stunning replica of the vehicle is exhibited in Budapest now.

From September 16 until 22 everyone can admire the Lego-Bugatti in Westend Mall (Nyugati Railway Station). 

The car is built out of approximately one million pieces by twenty men who worked on this project for six months. 90% of the car is built out of Legos, but the wheels and the iron structure which holds the vehicle together are made in the same way as in the case of the real Bugatti.

An interesting fact about this car is that it works. More than 2,300 Lego electric-motors make sure that the Lego-Bugatti could run with 19 km/h. The real car’s speed is over 400 km/h. The car, which weighs 1,360 kgs, is not for sale but if someone has 100,000 HUF (300 EUR) a miniature version of the Lego-car is available for buying (3,599 pieces of Lego and 16 cms length).  

Source : dailynewshungary.com

Photo: www.facebook.com/LEGOTechnic

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