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Netflix’s Hungarian-language service finally discovered!

The prices remain but many movies and series speak in Hungarian to Hungarian users in the new Netflix service. By the end of the year, fifty Hungarian productions will broaden the streaming platform’s variety. According to hvg.hu, the user platforms (television, mobile) comes in Hungarian language from October 4 and many movies and series are available in Hungarian as well. Moreover, Netflix will buy fifty Hungarian productions including the Academy Award-winner Son of Saul and Ruben Brandt. Until this moment, Netflix was only beneficial for those who speak English fluently but now it has changed. Netflix hired Hungarian companies to make the Hungarian dub and subtitles for movies and series. In the category of movies and series which are produced by Netflix it is simple but “hired” Hungarian productions need to get new dub and subtitles. This includes older movies and series. The situation is not that simple though because these movies are protected by copyright. As Netflix does not want to re-dub these pictures further discussions are needed about what can be done. Netflix stated that Hungarian residents can except many dubbed productions as statistics reported that many residents in the country prefer these type of movies and series. Hungarian movies and series will be available for free in the country but Netflix would like to bring some on the international market. This is an excellent and rare opportunity for Hungarian directors to make their pictures well-known in foreign countries. It is also an ethical and lawsuit question in which movies are going to be available abroad. Moreover, the prices of the platform will not be increased and the first month is free. Currently, there are 3 million online subscriptions and more than 70% are connected with the fastest internet services. With the 151 million users worldwide this number is not that insignificant as we think.

The company is not planning to open an office in Hungary. For this reason, Hungarian Netflix mattered are going to be controlled from Amsterdam alongside with all countries where the streaming service is available. Check out the first trailer of the new Netflix production shot in Hungary! 

Sources : hvg.hu & dailynewshungary.com

Photo : https://images.app.goo.gl/pTST99uDbvmCdvJL7

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