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Regional Breakdown of Active Cases Published Again

The government has published the regional breakdown of active coronavirus cases for the first time after weeks of only disclosing the total number of cases nationwide. According to the newly published data, the vast majority of active cases are found in Budapest, while Békés remains the only county without any active coronavirus cases.

In the first months of the pandemic, the Hungarian government started publishing national statistics on active coronavirus cases, recoveries, and fatalities. Alongside these numbers, the regional breakdown of all coronavirus cases recorded since the beginning of the pandemic was also released every day. However, for a long time, no regional information was released on the number of active cases in the different counties.

This changed in mid-July, when the regional breakdown of active coronavirus cases was first disclosed by the authorities.

According to the newly released data, Budapest has the highest number (176) of active cases; and the number is above 50 in both Pest and Zala counties. Although the capital has the highest number of active infections, it is not the most infected region. Taking into account the size of the population, Zala is the most infected part of the country. However, the proportion (74 active cases/267,000 residents) is still very low in international comparison. There is only one county, Békés, that did not register any active cases lately.

The total number of active cases is currently 530. It is also worth noting that this number has been decreasing steadily in the last few weeks.

Featured photo illustration by Károly Árvai/kormany.hu

Source : hungarytoday.hu

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