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“I Opposed Bolsheviks from The First Moment I Had the Chance,” Interview with Former US Air Force Doctor László Varjú

Well before the 1956 HungarianRevolution, László Varjú, as a highschool student, was jailed for anti-communist activities. Then, in 1957 he risked his life to leave the country, later joining a lesser-known Hungarian paramilitary organization in the US. All this before becoming a successful physician in adulthood. On the occasion of the publication of the third edition of Visszidensek(Remigrates), Hungary Today interviewed Dr. László Varjú, a former doctor-soldier …

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Hungarian Flag at Half-mast to Mark Crushing of 1956 Uprising

The Hungarian flag was hoisted in front of Parliament and lowered to half-mast on Monday morning, to commemorate the 63rd anniversary of Soviet forces crushing the 1956 uprising. Defence Minister Tibor Benkő attended the ceremony. Throughout the day, the public can light candles at the House of Terror museum and visit plot 301 …

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Orbán on 1956: Hungarians Wanted Free, Independent Country in Europe of Nations

Hungarians in 1956 wanted a “free and independent” country for themselves in the “Europe of nations”, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told a state commemoration of Hungary’s anti-Soviet uprising of 1956 at Budapest’s Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music on Wednesday. On October 23, 1956, Hungarians demanded to be given back their right to …

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From Dictatorship to Freedom: Visit to the House of Terror – Hungary at First ‘Site’ Conference

One day prior to the Hungarian national holiday commemorating the 1956 revolution and freedom fighters, the journalists were offered the chance to visit the House of Terror Museum in order to get a full picture of 20th century Hungary, the world wars, the fascist and communist totalitarian regimes, and the struggles of …

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Time Machine: Radio Free Europe’s 1956 Broadcast Available from Saturday

From October 19th until November 12th, Radio Free Europe‘s (RFE) Hungarian broadcast recorded around and during the 1956 Revolution can be listened to online, exactly how it was aired 63 years ago minute by minute, HVG reported. The Hungarian broadcast of RFE’s 1956 program that was aired on shortwave, through foreign transmitters, was …

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