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11 Billion Forints for Budapest Hospital Development Plans

A new infrastructure development scheme dubbed For Healthy Budapest has allocated 11 billion forints (EUR 33m) for the architectural and engineering plans to build and revamp hospital buildings, the human resources minister said on Friday. The planning contracts for buildings with a total floor space of 381,498 square metres were signed at …

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Fate of Budapest’s ‘Super-Hospital’ in Doubt

By 2023, three “super-hospitals” are to be developed by the government in Budapest. One of them, referred to as the last hundred year’s biggest healthcare investment project – a huge, state-of-the-art complex dubbed South-Buda Central Hospital (DBC) is planned to be built. Budapest’s new opposition leadership, however, insists that this …

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Flu epidemic in Hungary

The   number   of   flu   patients   has    doubled since last week, over 31,000 people    seeking    medical    advice,   epidemiology center OEK reported. In  the  second  half  of  the  week,  the  number  of  patients  seeing  their  doctors because of flu-like symptoms has increased in all parts of the country, OEK said. A  flu  …

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