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These are the current flat prices in Budapest

The rapid increase in the price of flats in the capital has not stopped for six years. For this reason, recent statistics revealed the current flat prices in Budapest for the last time in 2019. Foreigners buying the most flats in Budapest? Portfólió reported that District 5 is still among the most expensive parts of the capital, especially the 1051 postal code part, where the average square-meter price reached 1.076 million HUF (3,162 EUR). Downtown areas and the Buda side still stick to a price of approximately 600,000 HUF price/square-meters (1,763 EUR). The cheapest parts of the city are the suburbs of the downtown districts, the peripheral ones, and the suburbs of Buda. Here you can purchase flats for

The average standard price at the beginning of 2019 was 609,000 HUF (1,789 EUR). This price was only kept by Istvánmező, a district in Budapest. The most expensive one is still District 5, followed by Districts 1, 2, 6 and 12 with a price of 729,000–944,000 HUF (2,142–2774 EUR). In the cheapest one, District 23, the average price is 332,000 HUF (975 EUR).  See the prices of flats in the countryside in the article below These were the best Hungarian cities to sell flats in 2019

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Sources : dailynewshungary.com & portfolio.hu

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