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Tragic Accident; 4 Dead in Hungary

In a tragic accident, four bomb-disposal experts of the Hungarian Army died on Hortobágy on Saturday while trying to detonate a WWII explosive device. Now Hungarian pro-government print daily Magyar Idők reports that none of the deceased had life or accident insurance.

The article claimed Csaba Hende, former Minister of Defense, put an end to the insurance four years ago, saying “it cost too much money” compared to the number of accidents happening.  Instead, a one-time financial support would be paid to families of any deceased, usually around HUF 3 million (USD 10,500), but the amount would be determined by the minister himself.

According to the paper, Hende also abolished “promotion after death”. Previously, soldiers killed in action could be promoted to a higher rank as a sign of respect. Now the current Minister of Defense, István Simicskó, plans to re-introduce the practice and wishes to promote the four members of the bomb-disposal unit who died. The proposal will be discussed by the government on Tuesday.

Simicskó will also propose an allowance of HUF 10 million (USD 35,000) be paid to the families of the four.

VIA budapestbeacon.com

Image : en.apa.az

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