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Uber Users Received a Goodbye Email in Budapest

If you were an Uber user like we were, you must have received the following Email from Uber :


This is pretty much saddening how a government stops such great service of transit just to protect the rusty old and expensive Taxi service.
The way we see it, while taxis see no competitor on the way, that can easily raise the prices and act rude and impatient with the guests as before.

Uber was great in customer service as well , because you could easily track a driver and report any unpleasant act or even review them, and this is something missing big time in the old Taxi Service.

We believe a market without competition and innovation is a dead market, and that’s what Hungarian transportation market is all about; exclusive rights for minority and banning enterprisers and new ideas.

Goodbye Uber, you shall be missed; Hope you find a way back asap.

Budapesty dot com team


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