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Warning: Hungary to Face Heatwave In Coming Days

From today on, constant sunny weather is expected across the country with little to no cumulus clouds and without rain, according to kiderül.hu. The weather is getting warmer during the weekend and on Monday it will be the hottest, with the highest daytime temperatures between 32 and 37 degrees Celsius.

Occasionally, the western wind in the northeast is recovering. Today and during the weekend, the highest daytime temperatures range from 27 to 32 degrees, while late at night the air cools down to 19-25 degrees. The weather is getting warmer on the weekend, with the high on Monday, when the temperature can even get to as high as 37 degrees.

On Wednesday, the weather starts cooling with heavy clouds and rain is also expected, with showers and thunderstorms shifting throughout the day. The lowest night temperatures are likely to be between 15 and 22 and the highest daytime temperatures between 24 and 29 degrees.

As the Sziget Festival is still on in Budapest’s Hajógyári Island, due to the expected stifling heat, festival-goers are being warned to take care of themselves with greater attention. Staying hydrated, using sun cream, and wearing sunglasses are all really important in the heatwave.

featured image: https://newshour.online/2018/08/11/sziget-festival-goers-in-budapest-cool-off-in-the-danube/

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